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- FIFA 16 Gameplay Improvement thread
- 3 versions of FIFA 16 available to pre-order now
- What we need for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
- Anyone else going to buy FIFA 16?
- Will FIFA 16 be another trading fiasco?

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 3 versions of FIFA 16 available to pre-order now Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There are 3 versions of FIFA 16 available to pre-order now and here's what you'll get with each bundle. Fifa 16 coins store

Standard Edition - £49.99

15 Standard FUT Gold Packs

"KO" Celebration

"Bailando Robot" Celebration

Deluxe Edition - £54.99

40 Premium FUT Gold Packs

Messi Loan (5 Games)

"KO" Celebration

"Bailando Robot" Celebration

Super Deluxe Edition - £69.99

40 Jumbo Premium FUT Gold Packs

Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Thibaut Courtois Loan (5 Games)

"KO" Celebration

"Bailando Robot" Celebration

*All prices currently pulled from the UK Origin Store, YMMV

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 FIFA 16 Gameplay Improvement thread Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This thread will be used to keep all gameplay related issues in one place, you can explain your issues with anything to do with gameplay, whether it be bugs, A.I, or ways to improve gameplay as a whole..

I will start off by mentioning a couple of things that annoy me and could do with fixing:

* Offsides: It's great you made off the ball player runs, but it would be great if they used a little bit of comon sense, for example: if they make a run (fifa 16 coins xbox one) and haven't received the ball by time they're in line with the defender, they should stop their run and stay onside, or even stop then restart their run cutting inside to stay onside, its very frustrating always having offsides called when its against your control..

* Referees: Constantly making the wrong decisions, whether its not giving fouls or penalties for the user, to free kicks and penalties being given against the user! Its as if the A.I always has the upper hand? And why don't they send the last man or goalkeepers off? Sometimes they don't even show a yellow card!

* Goalkeepers: Totally revamped for NG, but theyre just awful, theyre always diving over the ball, or letting goals in that are shot straight at them, they need working on tremendously for Fifa 16..

* Game Speed / Pace: Why is it that only yourselves think gameplay isnt ping pong!? Please look into making the game speed and pace of the game slower and more realistic. And make the game speed exactly the same across all game modes!

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